We are munevo

We are a young company - founded to support people with

significant mobility impairments in their strive for an

autonomous, independent everyday life.

Group picture of the munevo team

The team

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Headshot of Claudiu Hidas

Claudiu Hidas


Headshot Konstantin Madaus

Konstantin Madaus

CPO, Managing Director

Headshot Markus Englmeier

Markus Englmeier

Marketing & Operations Manager

Headshot Jakob Lechner

Jakob Lechner

Business Operations

Headshot Michelle Halpain

Michelle Halpain

Regulatory Affairs

Headshot Michal Hidas

Michal Hidas

People & Culture

Headshot Aashish Trivedi

Aashish Trivedi


Headshott Lavita Talukdar

Lavita Talukdar

Software Developer

Headshot Ricarda Sabais

Ricarda Sabais

Software Developer

Headshot Jean Varghese Alummoottil

Jean Varghese Alummoottil

Embedded Systems

Headshot of Thomas Kresnicka

Thomas Kresnicka

Inside Sales

Headshot of Saskia Melches

Saskia Melches

Inside Sales

Headhsot of Maximilian Derrath

Maximilian Derrath

Sales Representative

Headhsot of Jacqueline Köhler

Jacqueline Köhler

Inside Sales

Headhsot of Kristin Weigang

Kristin Weigang

Inside Sales

Headhsot of Mark Scott

Mark Scott

National Sales Manager for North America

Headhsot of Jason Box

Jason Box

Sales Representative Europe