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munevo HOME

With this add-on for your munevo DRIVE, you take full control of your ProKNX or HouseMate smart home system. Operate everything that is important in everyday life - from light switches to the TV set - by moving your head!

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A munevo user turning up the volume of their TV using their smart glasses


Handle things yourself now - using your head

Switch the lights on and off

Open and close doors

Operate the TV and sound system

Control your heating

Open and close curtains

munevo user turning up TV with smartglasses

Everything in control in your smart home

Your home is the centre of your life - with munevo HOME you'll manage everything around you exactly as you want it!

Is munevo DRIVE right for you?

Let's find out together whether munevo DRIVE is right for you and your individual needs - we're here to help you!

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Grows with your needs

You want even more convenience? Simply add more devices to your ProKNX or HouseMate system - munevo HOME puts you in control!

How munevo HOME works

Watch our video to see what munevo HOME can do - and how it fits perfectly into your life.

Good advice

munevo DRIVE

munevo doesn't just provide you with a smart head control for your wheelchair - we are there for you right from the start, in person as well as with our community. To answer your questions. To support you, whether before or after the purchase. We will help you if your health insurance company is initially reluctant. We will listen to you when you have difficulties, help you on site and let your experiences contribute to further development.

Not just mobile

Control your life: get coffee, call friends, operate your TV and more - with these add-ons.

Your wheelchair control

The smart base system for your self-determined life.

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Your smartphone

Control your smartphone with head movements - using one simple app.

Discover munevo PHONE

Your robotic arm

Even more independence in your everyday life – thanks to your robotic arm.

Discover munevo ARM


Frequently asked questions about munevo HOME

Do I need munevo DRIVE in order to use munevo HOME?

Yes, munevo DRIVE is the basic control that is required for using add-ons such as munevo HOME.

Where can I buy munevo HOME?

Can I buy munevo HOME privately?

Is the head control comfortable to wear?

Does munevo HOME need a permanent internet connection?

What if the position of my head changes?

Can I use munevo HOME even though my head position is slightly tilted to begin with?

Is munevo HOME suitable for people with spasticity?