"Longer trips [are] already a relief with munevo!"

In 2014, René was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a non-curable disease of the motor nervous system. Since then, his condition has deteriorated and consequently his range of motion. Therefore, he has been in a wheelchair since 2016. His previous control was an occipital control, with which he repeatedly had problems. His wheelchair company then recommended that he test munevo DRIVE. Before and during the first test, Rene had some concerns: "I hope I can handle it". All beginnings are difficult, the new situation and the excitement with the glasses affected driving at first. However, after a period of acclimatisation, a lot of practice and testing, Rene's initial doubts were not confirmed. He got used well to the new and innovative munevo DRIVE control system and is very enthusiastic and satisfied. The approval process went smoothly and since then Rene has been a happy munevo member.

Currently, Rene is in the transition phase and can still operate the wheelchair with his hands. As his mobility will be further restricted, the munevo DRIVE unit is a control with which he can look to the future. He especially likes the possibility of being able to control his mobile phone and TV with the smartglasses. He also notices a big difference on longer journeys: "Longer journeys [are] already a relief with munevo than with the hand control."