"Without the glasses I can do nothing, nothing at all!"

Our first Dutch user Peter S. has been a munevo member for some time and uses munevo DRIVE with great pleasure. Until now, he had to rely on other controls to operate his wheelchair. After using the normal joystick, Peter changed to a mini-joystick because his hand function is decreasing more and more. Through his representative at the medical supply store, he then learned about a new and "fabulous" control system - munevo DRIVE.

Peter was enthusiastic and convinced by the idea from the very beginning. Thanks to the support of his medical supply store "Welzorg", the approval process went very well.

Peter has regained a lot of independence through our product: "I can [...] move freely [with it], so I can go wherever I want [and] I can adjust my seat. Without the glasses I can do nothing, nothing at all. Otherwise I can only sit and wait until someone [...] pushes me. At the beginning I could still move my hand, but now I can't control anything with my hand, unfortunately."

Due to his disease ALS, the condition of his hand continues to deteriorate and so does his mobility. When asked in which situations he noticed a big difference with munevo DRIVE, he replied: "In everything, in all of life. [...] Every day, every minute. "His life has changed a lot. He is much more independent, mobile and self-reliant in his everyday life. He can also lead a much more self-determined life thanks to the power wheelchair controls. For example, he can now move around the flat on his own, go outside and do his own business.